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DeeHive Delights – Making Self-Care a Priority
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DeeHive Delights - Making Self-Care a Priority

The Client

This is one of my concept projects, where I want to show my clients what I can do for them. That means that this website wasn’t created by a request, but actually for my own personal blog. I recently redesigned the entire website after learning more creative design techniques. I also added an E Commerce website using WooCommerce.

The Goal

My goal with this project was to show my potential clients how a personal blog can look. I took the most common features of a personal blog and created my own design. I paid close attention to details and made sure that all the colors, fonts, and backgrounds matched each other.
Home page with featured video
deehive delights shop page



The blog ended up with an image header on every page. This sets the tone before the visitor starts reading. On the Home you can see 3 featured posts, an email subscribe form, recent blog posts, and a sidebar. The sidebar is the perfect place for a personal introduction and showing other products, posts etc. Every page has a footer that is connected to an Instagram profile (which automatically updates).


Product Page with suggested items up-sale


This blog was designed with a sidebar that includes the about section of the author, with a button that links to the about page for the author. We also added a button for each category of the blog in the sidebar with some nice visual effects you will se in the live version of the website.
products page