4 WordPress security tips for your website

You can listen to this blog by using the audio player below Is it just me or are hackers and scammers at an all time high on the internet these days?. Thats exactly why I always tell my clients that…… WordPress Security is not an option, its a necessity So you most likely are asking….”How […]

5 important things to consider when choosing your web hosting company

web hosting

5 features to consider when choosing your web hosting company Congratulations you!. I’m going to assume you’re here because you’ve decided to take that leap into the blogging world, or you want to get your business out onto the world wide web for the first time. I should also congratulate you for choosing to OWN […]

Try Siteground Web Hosting Deal Limited Time Only


People who sign through my referral link before 25th of November will be able to try SiteGround hosting totally risk free with an exclusive 3 months free signup option. Moreover, they will be able to receive a completely free website transfer by our experts.   So ya’ll know SiteGround is my number one go to […]