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Passion for Design

I love to visualize ideas and bring them to life digitally

Specializing in WordPress

Most websites I design are published on WordPress, the most popular and secure CMS on the web.

How do you work Dionne?

My Workflow

This is the process I use from start to finish of all my web design projects

What do I use?


I like to use the latest software for my projects which enables a smooth collaboration with my clients to revise and produce a creative design with seamless delivery of your website.

Questions clients always ask


A curated list of the most common questions I get from my clients 

The simple answer is Yes, you can. Your website will be designed and delivered in a way that will allow you to manage content on your website on your own. I will provide you with a tutorial on how to use it once it’s delivered.

Just like each one of us, each web design project has its own needs and tools required to get the job done. A One Page website design, a Blog, and a Web Store all require different components and tools to run smoothly, therefore require more energy and time. With that being said, I will provide you with an estimate on the cost for your website once we finalize the planning.

You will own the website and all of it’s content once it’s delivered. 

The length of time to complete a project will always be determined AFTER we discuss what your goals are. If a client has all the assets for the website such as the copy, images, logo, color palettes, and a goal, the sooner the project can be completed. 

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